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  1. Oleander
    October 1, 2010

    “refreshing it less often does save mana”
    I recall reading that refreshing a dot/hot while it’s active will extend the effect and not clip it. Have you played with that? What happens if you cast the same spell on someone 10 times back-to-back? Do you end up with 105s left on the hot?

    • Malevica
      October 1, 2010

      When you recast a HoT what it does is extend the duration by enough to allow the next tick to happen, then adds the “new” HoT time onto the end. You only get to finish the one tick though, so unfortunately you can’t stack it up like you suggest.

      It also doesn’t reset the tick timer, so if your last tick was going to happen in 0.2s, it will occur 0.2s after you refresh the HoT, as you’d expect, and the next tick will follow one tick interval after that.

      Here’s a couple of example casts. In the first one I recast before the last tick:

      Event  Time since last tick
      Cast   0:00:00.000
      Tick    0:00:02.753
      Tick    0:00:02.686
      Tick    0:00:02.887
      Recast    –
      Tick    0:00:02.753
      Tick    0:00:02.853
      Tick    0:00:02.804
      Tick    0:00:02.803
      Tick    0:00:02.837
      Fade    –

      And in the second I recast after the first tick:

      Event  Time since last tick
      Cast   0:00:00:000
      Tick    0:00:02.620
      Recast    –
      Tick    0:00:02.908
      Tick    0:00:02.733
      Tick    0:00:02.853
      Tick    0:00:02.887
      Tick    0:00:02.703
      Fade    –

      Hope that made some sort of sense. I think I picture would work better, but it’s way too late at night for that. Perhaps as a follow-up post.

      • Oleander
        October 2, 2010

        Ah, thank you for that! I’ve been wondering about that since GC first mentioned it ages ago.

  2. Nihlo
    October 14, 2010

    I already get an additional reju tick with 1023 (31,20%) haste rating and 5% haste from the Moonkin. So it should be sth like 36,10% instead of 37,5% which is required.

    • Malevica
      October 14, 2010

      The thing to remember is that haste rating adds together, but % haste from different sources multiplies, so you actually have more than 37.5% total haste there.

      The calculation is:

      1.3120 x 1.05 = 1.3775 or 37.75% total haste
      (haste % from gear) x (haste % from Moonkin Aura) = total % haste.

      • Nihlo
        October 14, 2010

        ahhhh yes, right. Forgot about that, thanks for the numbers and graphs

  3. Kirke
    October 14, 2010

    You cannot get an extra tick of penance with haste. I got my haste all the way to 60% and still no extra tick.

  4. Moonra
    October 15, 2010

    wonderful post! I’ve been looking for these numbers for a while now :o /facepalm that I missed this
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  5. restolol
    October 16, 2010

    Im testing in live 4.01 server, with 25% haste my rejuv ticks 6 times…

    • Malevica
      October 16, 2010

      I’ll have a look into it on my Druid

    • Malevica
      October 16, 2010

      You’re right. What’s happening on the Druid with Rejuv but not on the Priest with Renew is that Rejuv’s ticking once immediately upon application, rather than doing nothing for one tick interval.

      This is due to Gift of the Earthmother: “Causes your Rejuvenation spell to also instantly heal for 15% of the total periodic effect”.

  6. Sebastian
    February 7, 2011

    Hi, I just crunched some numbers, and according to my table, the right formula is 50×(tick interval)/(Nominal Duration)

    Your rejuvenation numbers have a minor mistake


    • Malevica
      February 8, 2011

      I think you might have quoted your formula incorrectly, because it doesn’t work properly as written.
      For 5 ticks, for example, you need enough haste to fit 4.5 ticks inside 12s, which means you’re aiming to get your tick interval to 2.6666667s.
      By your formula that would mean the haste needed is 50 * 2.66666667 / 12 = 11.11111%.
      But try the same trick for 6 ticks, and it looks like you need 9.09% haste, so you need less haste to reach the higher ticks than the lower ones.

      Here’s my calculations in detail for 5 ticks (and then I’ve repeated calculations for the rest, just to check), remembering you need a new tick duration such that you can fit 4.5 of them inside 12s:

      [latex]NewCastTime = \frac{BaseCastTime} {( 1 + \frac{Haste\%}{100})}[/latex]
      [latex]2.6666667 = \frac{3} {1 + \frac{Haste\%}{100}}[/latex]
      [latex]Haste\% = (\frac{3}{2.6666667} - 1) \times 100[/latex]
      [latex]Haste\% = 12.5\%[/latex]

      To get 6 ticks, you need to get your haste such that you could fit 5.5 ticks inside 12s, so the duration is 12 / 5.5 = 2.181818182s.
      [latex]Haste\% = 37.5\%[/latex]

      To get 7 ticks, you need to get your haste such that you could fit 6.5 ticks inside 12s, so the duration is 12 / 6.5 = 1.846153846s.
      [latex]Haste\% = 62.5\%[/latex]

      To get 8 ticks, you need to get your haste such that you could fit 7.5 ticks inside 12s, so the duration is 12 / 7.5 = 1.6s.
      [latex]Haste\% = 87.5\%[/latex]

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