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NB: The Cataclysm strategies are based on a mixture of beta reports and may or may not bear any resemblance to the fight on Live.
If you spot major differences, post them in the comments and I can update the strats. I’ll be updating these myself as my guild begins raiding in Cataclysm.

Tanking: 3 tanks are needed for this (although 2 might be possible with higher gear levels). One tank is on the boss, and the other two tanks are picking up the Aberration add spawns between them. The adds and the boss should be kept away from each other because they buff mobs within 10 yards Growth Catalyst, increasing damage done by 20% and reducing damage taken by 20%.

Healing: By the time 9 adds have spawned, their damage on the tanks will be pretty intense.
The final phase is a big step up, so keep some reserves for then.
The player with Consuming Flames may need additional healing.

Positioning: Red Phase: Everyone must stand in front of the boss to split the damage from the Scorching Blast frontal cone breath.
Blue Phase: The raid must spread out by at least 5 yards, in order to avoid both the Biting Chill which hurts anyone within 8 yards of the target, and the Flash Freeze which hurts players within 10 yards of the target and encases them in an ice block.

Buffs: Resistance to Nature, Fire and Frost is valuable, as is a Purge or Spellsteal.

Key Debuffs: If you get Fixate, you should kite the Prime Subject who is chasing you.

HP: 72,150,000 (20,000,000 on 10-man)

Enrage: 6 Minutes

Bloodlust: The final phase, below 20% HP, is a big step up and a DPS burn phase, so save Bloodlust for then to get it over with quickly.

Maloriak has three phases which he will shift between depending on the colour of the flask he throws into his cauldron, and then a final soft-enrage when he reaches 20%. He will first pass through a Red and Blue phase (in a random order), followed by a Green phase.

He spawns Aberrations 3 at a time, on a timer. These need to be picked up by the add tanks, separated from Maloriak, and held on to until the Green phase when they can be killed more easily. At 20% Maloriak releases any remaining adds, so he should not be taken under 20% until you are ready.

Throughout the whole fight Maloriak will channel Arcane Storm, which deals 15,000 Arcane damage per second to the whole raid. This should be interrupted immediately.

Blue Phase (40s Duration)

During this phase the raid needs to be spread at least 10 yards apart.

Maloriak will cast Biting Chill on a random player, which will place a ring of frost on the ground that deals 7,500 Frost damage per second to anyone within 8 yards.

He will also cast Flash Freeze on a random player, dealing 50,000 Frost damage and encasing them and anyone within 8 yards in an ice block. When the block is broken, it explodes, dealing another 50,000 Frost damage to anyone within 10 yards and breaking all other ice blocks in the area.
So if multiple people do get hit, only one ice block needs to be killed, although the damage will be very high.
Ranged DPS should break the ice blocks from beyond 10 yards, to avoid taking extra damage from the exploding ice block.

Red Phase (40s Duration)

In this phase Maloriak will cast Consuming Flames, dealing 13,500 Fire damage per second to the player afflicted. If that player takes additional magic damage, 50% of the damage taken is added to the Consuming Flames DoT.

He will also gain the Scorching Blast ability, which gives him a frontal cone fire breath which splits damage between everyone caught in it. The raid needs to stand in front of Maloriak to keep the damage healable.

Green Phase (40s Duration)

During the Green Phase, Maloriak will cast Debilitating Slime on the entire raid and all of the adds, removing the Growth Catalyst and increasing damage taken by 100%. During this phase all DPS should be on the adds, in order to get them down as quickly as possible before the phase is over and the adds are unkillable again.

Maloriak will also cast Remedy on himself, healing him for 150,000 per second, increasing by 150,000 per tick, and granting 2,000 mana per tick. This is magic and dispellable, so needs to be spell-stolen or purged.

Enrage Phase 20%-0% HP

When Maloriak reaches 20% HP, he will release all the remaining Aberrations, if any remain, and the two Prime Subjects as well. The Prime Subjects will Fixate on a random player every 10s, chasing them, and are untauntable. If a Prime Subject is chasing you, you need to kite it, and everyone else needs to keep their distance.

Maloriak will gain three new abilities in this phase, which the raid needs to avoid while burning Maloriak down as quickly as possible.

These abilities are:

  • Magma Jets – Shoots fiery fissures towards a random enemy. These deal 15,000 Fire damage to anyone caught by them, and leave a fire trail behind that deals 5,000 Fire damage. Watch for these coming and avoid them.
  • Absolute Zero – Summons a frost sphere near a random player. If it comes within 6 yards of a player or if it is killed, it will explode for 20,000 Frost damage and do a knock back to anyone within 6 yards. These should be avoided and either kited or DPS’d down, whichever your raid finds easiest.
  • Acid Nova – Deals 5,000 Nature damsge per second to the entire raid for 10 seconds. This just needs healing through.