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Who is Malevica?

Malevica in Whitemend I wandered into healing in WoW in 2007, got hooked, and have healed raids as every healing spec at various times across three expansions. Malevica was eventually succeeded by the smaller, cuter and (crucially) more Oceanic-based Tellisa, but I remained true to the Priest class I love so much.

Kingslayer Malevica I heal 10-man heroic raids with <Abraxas> of Dath’Remar three nights a week, and I’ve been known to tank (yes, it’s true!) on my Paladin for kicks.

Other than playing, blogging and tweeting about the game the things that make me happiest are, in approximate order of importance: my wife and pocket tank, our cat, software and web development, astronomy and running.


What is Type “H” For Heals?

Tellisa, Savior of Azeroth Type “H” For Heals is where the products of my thinking and analysis of the Priest class ends up. It’s also where I share my opinions from time to time on game-related topics of note.

And I reserve the right to occasionally show off achievements I’m proud of!


Where can you find me?

If you want to read my thoughts then subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter (@Malevica).

If you’re more interested in engaging me in conversation then feel free to send me an email (malevica [at] typehforheals {dot} com) or get in touch via Twitter (@Malevica), I’m on there most days.


Why the name?

I am healer and all some need heal write h oka While levelling in Sunken Temple I came across a priest. I won’t name and shame him, but he had what can only be described as a novel approach to triage:

I honestly hope this was an alt messing with lowbies. I must look him up one of these days!