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Preliminary update for Live

Tanking: Only 1 tank is required for this fight.
Valiona should be tanked away from walls, because the raid will need to be able to run through her to avoid Devouring Flames.

Healing: Phase 2 will have burst AoE healing requirements due to the Meteor and especially the Fabulous Flames. Be careful of the Engulfing Magic, which affects healers as well.

Positioning: In both phases the raid needs to be spread out all around the grounded Dragon but not too far out. Blackout (with Valiona grounded) and Twilight Meteorite (Theralion grounded) require the raid to group up quickly, so don’t get too far apart.

Buffs: Shadow Resistance: all damage (except melee on the tank) is Shadow.

Key Debuffs: Blackout – Absorbs 75,000 healing on a player. When it expires, it deals 350,000 Shadow damage split between all nearby players.
Engulfing Magic – Boosts your damage or healing by 100%, but causes you to deal Shadow damage equal to the damage or healing you do, to everyone within 10 yards.

HP: 97,000,000 (32,209,000 on 10-man) Shared

Enrage: 10 minutes

Bloodlust: There is less raid movement in Phase 1, but overall no particular time seems best.

This is a two-phase fight; at any one time only one dragon will be grounded while the other will be airborne. They alternate on a timer.

Phase one requires well-timed spreading and grouping up in response to the two main abilities.

The dragons share a health pool.

Phase 1: Valiona grounded, Theralion airborne (90s duration)

On the pull, Theralion will fly into the air while Valiona remains on the ground and needs to be picked up and tanked. The entire raid should spread out around Valiona, but not too far out because you will need to clump up again. There is no flame breath or tail swipe, to worry about, so spread out all around Valiona

Throughout this phase Theralion will be casting Twilight Blasts at random players, which deal 30,000 Shadow damage to everyone within 8 yards.
To reduce the damage this does, the raid should spend most of their time spread out.

Valiona will debuff a random player with Blackout, which will absorb 75,000 healing on them. When it times out (after 15 seconds) or when it is dispelled by healing the player for 75,000, everyone near the afflicted player splits 350,000 Shadow damage.
When this is cast, everyone should group up on this player as quickly as possible. No healing should be cast on this player until the raid has had time to group up. When the raid is clumped, healers should heal the player up quickly, and the raid should spread out again as quickly as possible.

Less frequently Valiona will cast Devouring Flames. She will face a random player and cast for 3 seconds, at the end of which she will deal up to 100,000 Shadow damage to anyone in a wide frontal cone. The raid should run past or through Valiona as quickly as possible to not get caught, and should start moving in when the cast is due.

At the end of the phase Theralion will cast Dazzling Destruction, spawning void zones around the room. After around 10 seconds, anyone left within the void zones will take 500,000 Shadow damage. Just run out!
There may be a Blackout during Dazzling Destruction, so the raid needs to follow the player with Blackout closely while avoiding the void zones.

Phase 2: Valiona airborne, Theralion grounded (150s duration)

Valiona will be casting Twilight Meteorite at random raid members, which will deal 120,000 Shadow damage to everyone within 8 yards. To mitigate this as many people as possible should be clumped on the target.

Theralion can cast Fabulous Flames on a random player, which leaves a large void zone on their position and causing 20,000 Shadow damage per second to people within it. The group affected should move out quickly, staying together. Either have one person marked to follow and group on, or have a pre-agreed direction for the group to run in, so that a subsequent Meteorite doesn’t kill people.

Theralion will also occasionally debuff someone with Engulfing Magic, which increases damage and healing done by 100% for 20s, but makes them deal AoE damage to all players within 10 yards equal to the damage or healing they do. The player with Engulfing Magic should immediately run out of the pack and stand away before resuming casting.
The only exception is if the Engulfing Magic target is also the Twilight Meteorite target, in which case they should remain with the pack and stop casting until the Meteorite is gone.

After two Engulfing Magic casts, at around 120s into Phase 2, Valiona will begin casting Deep Breath on a third of the room (along the East-West line), which will inflict 150,000 Shadow damage to anyone caught in it. The raid should move together to a safe area, staying grouped up to avoid deaths to the Meteor.

After three Deep Breaths, Valiona lands and Theralion takes off again, and Phase 1 repeats.