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About My Heroic Guides

Posted by Malevica on December - 15 - 2011

I’m doing the heroic guides in the same format as the normal mode guides, but instead of doing them all at once I’ll be pushing them out one at a time as we gain experience with the encounters. Keep checking the front page, this post and the Raid Guides menu above for additions, or you could always subscribe to see new posts the minute they’re published. </shameless-plug>

I would really appreciate comments on these guides if people have them. I typically wait until we’ve either killed it or we’ve nailed the strategy before posting, but there may still be things I’ve overlooked that need including, and commenters are really valuable for improving the guides for everyone.

Big List of Heroic Guides

Yorsahj the UnsleepingUp!
Warlord Zon’ozzUp!
Hagara the StormbinderSoon!
Warmaster BlackhornSoon!
Spine of DeathwingSoon!
Madness of DeathwingSoon!

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5 Responses so far.

  1. kekkles says:

    <3 your guides, even all the way back from Intent days 🙂

  2. Kekkles says:

    Your blog makes me feel warm and bubbly inside. Even though I’m levelling a prot paladin for an alt. Still a good place to read, are you planning to do some holy paladin stuff or just sticking to priest? 😉

    • Malevica says:

      That would require me to roll another one. I may do, but I wouldn’t expect anything soon.

      I may pick up my Shaman again if I can bear to get her the last 10 levels to 85, and I’ve done a bit of LFR on my Druid, but my “real” raiding will be pretty much exclusively on the Priest.

      • Kekkles says:

        That’s pretty understandable. I find it hard to raid on a 2nd character when you do so much on your main. But again, I’m going to try with a paladin hopefully. I’m just waiting with baited breath until I reach level 39 for the goodness that is Shield of the Righteous so I can learn to tank properly with the 939 thing that they say is what paladin tanking is.

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