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My Favourite Profession

Posted by Malevica on March - 18 - 2011

When I first came across this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic from Amaranth of Specced for Drama I was a little puzzled by the question: “What is your favorite profession and why?”. I mean, as a progression raider it doesn’t matter what my “favourite” profession is, I simply take what benefits me most. There’s no emotion involved, right?

Well then I thought about the question a bit more and realised that actually I do have an answer to the question. Two, in fact.


Malevica is a tailor, and has been since I rolled her back in 2007. Even when Tailoring went through its darkest days in early Wrath (Darkglow wasn’t worth much and they’d just taken away the idea of BoP crafted epics) she didn’t drop it and pick up Jewelcrafting or Enchanting like every raider worth her salt ought to. Here’s the point: I’d grown attached to it!

Tailoring had become a sort of underdog in my mind, and while I was the only tailor in my guild I felt like I was keeping something alive, keeping the faith somehow. I had to believe that one day it might be improved again and I’d be vindicated in my steadfastness. Plus, I didn’t want to waste the hundreds, maybe thousands of stacks of cloth that I’d sunk into it. Now, of course, Tailoring is the pick of the crop for most, if not all, caster classes.

Malevica is a tailor today, and the new baby Priest I’ve recently rolled on a fresh server is also a tailor. So I’d say it’s a good candidate for my favourite profession, if for unconventional reasons!


I know it’s probably an obvious pick but Engineering is still, for me, the most fun profession in the game.

It’s been watered down a bit in recent times to keep its measurable benefits in line with the other professions, but there’s still plenty of interest to be had. Parachutes and rocket boots and the Cardboard Assassin make for a lot of fun as well as providing utility to your team. You also get the Flying Machine mounts and the convenience of Jeeves and MOLL-E when you’re out in the world.

It’s a shame that the pets and Mechano-Hog were made BoE, because they were great ways to distinguish yourself as an engineer, but I can definitely understand the desire to give engineers an income stream. It’s still a very expensive profession to level in a hurry, but I doubt you’ll regret it!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Gina says:

    I never tried leveling up Engineering, so many people warned me about it. But I most always have chosen Alchemy on my healers who raid, though in Cata this isn’t as necessary anymore with our lovely cauldrons.

    But my favorite ones so far? Totally alchemy and jewelcrafting.

  2. Zinn says:

    Heh, I’ve been a serious raider for some time now, and I still have my herbalism from when I created my char <3 Or maybe that is contradictory, can't be truly serious without good raid professions? Herbalism used to suck as raid profession, but now I think it is decent, what with the haste boost and all.

    • Malevica says:

      I was disappointed when my Druid maxed herbalism at the size of the heal from Lifeblood. I know there’s the haste which is quite tasty but really, 1275 out of health pools comfortably over 100k? Make it roughly match a healthstone at least, which are worth more like 18k.

      I remember reading that it might be being fixed, but I can’t seem to find a blue confirmation.

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