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Knock, knock!

Posted by Malevica on November - 9 - 2010

Yes, still here, although I’m aware that there’s been quite a long gap between posts in the last few weeks, which was a product of a few circumstances and projects that have squeezed my time quite a bit.

Such as?

One of those things is that I’ve recently become an Officer and co-Raid Leader in my current guild, which is an honour but also a lot of work!

As anyone who’s been part of guild leadership will testify, the run up to patches of any kind and expansions in particular are some of the busiest times behind the scenes: you tend to have a lot of roster changes and main swaps needing discussion and attention, your guild’s policies need reviewing and maybe rewriting in preparation for the new content, and that’s on top of the general flood of new information that you’ll be expected to get to grips with. Plus, you know, raiding as well!

It’s not my first rodeo, as they say, but the last time I was involved in guild leadership was around a year ago so there’s a lot to relearn.
Fortunately, a new site launched a couple of weeks ago called MMOLeader, run by some of the big names in MMO leadership. I’ve been keeping an eye on it, although I’m mostly absorbing rather than contributing so far.

Anyway, the upshot is that you might spot a few more leadership-related posts turning up here from time to time. They’ll have their own category as always, so you can avoid them if you like.

So what else is new?

Well, now that Beta raiding seems to be hitting its stride I’m beginning to tap into the flow of information to put together strategy guides for the upcoming Tier 11 raids. I’ve got the menu sorted out but I’ve not got any of the strategies ready to post yet; they’ll start appearing over the next few weeks though, as and when I get time.

There probably won’t be many actual posts until Cataclysm itself, since I’ll be spending my time on strategies and guild stuff. I’ll be back with a vengeance in December though.

I also wanted to say that I’m not raiding on the Beta, and this is a conscious decision.
I’m quite happy to help beta test the solo content and some dungeons, but I want to march into the new raids for the first time with my guildmates lined up by my side, so I’m not doing any Beta raiding.

Will there be a Cataclysm Disc guide?

Yes. I’m working on that in the background as well. I don’t know if it’ll get posted much before Cataclysm gets released, but it will arrive at some point!

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Franz says:

    Started a thread on the blizzard forums that compares the HPM between Smite/Atonement and Heal. Thought you might find it an interesting read.


  2. Caireann says:

    Gratz on the promotion and good luck with coping with all that stuff, especially when the new expansion comes out. Normally it’s the time many guilds break up and new ones are created, it’s tough to keep things in control. It’s hard work and usually it’s not appreciated much. Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

    I’m looking forward to the Cataclysm Disco guide. I don’t know much about raiding in Cata as well, and I’m worried if there’ll be any disco raiding at all. People are saying it’s not a viable spec atm. I hope we won’t be forced into choosing Holy.

    • Malevica says:

      I also hope Disc remains a powerful spec. I’ve not heard much talk of Disc being non-viable, but I trust Blizzard to keep Disc viable for PvE, and I’ll probably continue to explore the spec and find a niche for it. I suspect some negative feelings are either because numbers are still being adjusted on the Beta, or because healer niches are being shifted and eroded a bit.

      I will have to learn Holy at some point anyway (or I’ll end up taking Shadow as my 2nd spec, and no one wants that!) but I still prefer the way Disc plays.

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