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[Cataclysm Beta] I’m in the beta!

Posted by Malevica on July - 28 - 2010

I’m sure it’s a result of blind luck, rather than because someone at Blizzard reads my blog and decided to hand-select me for an invite, but for whatever reason I got a beta invite this morning.
And already I’ve hit a problem, I can’t copy a character to the beta realm because it claims I have no valid WoW account on my Battle.net account. Apparently this means the servers are down for maintenance. Ah well, it’s not like I could play at work anyway…

As far as the blog is concerned I will be breaking with my informal policy of not posting Cataclysm information until later in the process when it’s a lot less likely to change, because frankly I’ll have stuff to report or comment on, and this is my blog (cathedra mea, regulae meae, as Sheldon would say).

However, since I respect that people might not wish to see spoilers. So what I intend to do it flag all Cataclysm beta posts with the [Cataclysm Beta] tag just like this one is, place them all into the Cataclysm Beta post category, and tag them with “Beta”. I can’t automatically keep them out of the RSS feed, so if you do see an inadvertant spoiler I’ll apologise now, but I will do all I can do to flag these posts visibly.

Might be an interesting test of whether I can heal without addons (nothing like a good bandwagon to jump on!)

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Moonra says:

    would like to hear more about the way healing has changed/will change. looking forward to more Beta posts 🙂

    • Malevica says:

      I’ve copied both my Priest and my Druid over now, so I’ll try and play them both.

      I’m especially interested in seeing how the mana management changes play out, whether it feels very different to Live. And just when I thought I was going to have a quiet summer now we’re on raiding break!

  2. Vixsin says:

    Trust me, the lack of addons will be the least of your problems (heh). Healers are …. erm, challenging … right now on beta, mostly because the numbers haven’t been fine tuned yet. Expect to see your heals hitting for a lot less than they do on live.

    Regardless, grats on the invite. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the experience.

    • Malevica says:

      Ah, I like a challenge!

      It’ll be a new experience in any case. I haven’t tended to spend much time on PTRs in the past either, but I’m sure I’ll adapt. I’m just excited to be able to help make Cataclysm that little bit more polished.

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