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4.3 New Divine Aegis Bubble?

Posted by Malevica on October - 17 - 2011

Edit: I’ve now done more detailed comparison of the new and old DA bubbles.

The PTR now has different graphic for Divine Aegis:

Divine Aegis bubble, looking just like it used to before it was changed

Look familiar?

(The video’s probably overkill, I’m just messing with screen capture and Youtube).

It looks remarkably similar to the old DA animation (I can’t be 100% sure it’s the same, but it looks like it), so this might be another placeholder or even an unintended reversion, so the usual PTR this-is-not-final warnings apply. I should note, for those paying attention, that this DA looks exactly the same whether it’s from “normal” DA procs from crits and those from PoH casts.

If this is final, then I’ll be honest and say I had hoped for something cooler to justify the removal of the graphic for an entire patch cycle. Then again, the reason given for removing the graphic was that it was too visually intensive, especially with PoH proccing bubbles left, right and centre, so maybe they’ve simplified something about it that’s not obvious at first glance to make it more acceptable again. Time to scour the interwebs looking for old videos to compare it to…

Or, as I say, this might just be an accidental reversion because someone over at Blizzard copied the old Doodad_Divine_Aegis_Soap_Bubble file into the Priest Effects folder (I’m not a game developer, but I’m sure that’s basically how things work…), in which case we may yet see another version in the coming weeks.

I still have hope that they might surprise us and change it again to be something entirely new, but at the very least it’s nice to have something other than the PW:S graphic.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Fieryangel says:

    I think the old graphic was a sort of prismatic soap bubble? Very similar to above, but rainbowy colored…

    My main spec is holy, but when I do get to play disc I certainly miss having a unique graphic for DA. While the one you show from the PTR is a little boring, at least it doesn’t look like a PW:S bubble 🙂

    Loveyour blog – keep up the good work!

    <3 Fiery

    • Malevica says:


      I’ve gone back and looked at the old DA effect (and posted about it). The old and new bubbles look pretty much the same to me, the difference is in the effect when the bubble gets applied. The old one was beams of light wrapping around the player, while the new one is multi-coloured expanding-bubble effect that pops out and surrounds the player in the plain soap bubble with gold bits.

  2. Kys says:

    Yay my bubbles will be back! *tear*
    Ty for your post

    Much love,

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