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Posted by Malevica on March - 3 - 2010

Hi, my name’s Malevica and I’m a healoholic. Welcome to my first, tentative foray into writing my own blog rather than commenting on other people’s.

Who I am, and why I’m doing this

I’m Malevica. I began playing as a Warlock in late Vanilla on the Oceanic servers (hello >1k ping) before I rerolled a Priest on the EU servers in early TBC. That’s when I fell in love with healing and I’ve not fallen out of love yet. I currently have five healing characters at level 80: 2 Priests, a Shaman, a Paladin and lately a Druid as well. My main 25-man progression raiding experience is as a Priest.

Why am I writing a blog? I’m an analytically-minded person and I find that articulating my thoughts helps me to work through them systematically and come to measured conclusions. It’s also somewhat cathartic to dissect an experience and commit it to words. I also hope that others might find my thoughts interesting or useful.

What this blog will be

Well, who knows? But I do have some intentions that will help direct the evolution of the blog.

I intend that this blog be:

  • Primarily a discussion of endgame healing – this is my sphere of experience so it makes sense to keep this as my focus. I may touch on wider aspects of the game such as PuGs, guild leadership and raid leadership when they present themselves.
  • A mixture of personal experience and opinion, and objective analysis – this isn’t a hardcore theorycrafting blog, neither is it purely a vent for ranting. Both may appear, but I will seek a balance.
  • Updated approximately weekly – I might post more often, but generally I’d prefer to write fewer better posts than force an unrealistic schedule.

What this blog will not be

I know my limits, so I do not intend for this blog to be:

  • Perfect from day 1 – this is a hobby and an experiement for me, so it will start off a bit rusty and (hopefully) improve and develop over time.
  • A news blog – let’s be honest, WoW.com and MMO-Champion will get there first. Obviously I do intend to be current and relevant, but I’m not racing to break news.
  • To everyone’s tastes – I’m writing for myself, and for people who like what I write. If you don’t like my style or content then I’m fine with that. There are thousands of blogs on the internet, including something for just about anyone. In particular I’m quite verbose and I tend to advocate adaptation rather than “QQ”.

What the name means

Inspiration for the blog name came from a Priest that I came across in a Sunken Temple PuG while levelling. He shall remain nameless, but the screenshot below tells the story adequately. People were genuinely typing “h” in chat throughout the run. I honestly hope this was an alt messing with lowbies. I must look him up one of these days.

"I am healer and all some need heal write h oka"

And finally

Perhaps it’s a little early for this, since I’ve not actually managed to post anything yet, but for this blog you have to thank (blame?) Karatheya of Cold Comfort whose posts and their comment box set me off along the road of community discussions and writing on the web. CC is a well-written and thought-provoking blog discussing guild and other leadership topics, and I can’t recommend it enough.

There’s also a couple of guides which have been both instructive and reassuring: one from WoW.com and another from World of Matticus. Hopefully their advice will prove itself in the coming months as this blog develops.

Last but not least I’d like to recommend to any healer to check out PlusHeal for some excellent discussions, guides and advice. The people there are helpful and knowledgeable.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Karatheya says:

    I’ll gladly accept blame for you starting up – it’s been obvious you had more to say than comment boxes could hold for a long time.

    Good luck, and I have to say that the origin of your blog name is one of the funniest chat captures I’ve seen in nearly five years of playing. That belongs on wowbash.com if it’s not there already.

    • Malevica says:

      Thanks for the comments and the good wishes, I didn’t realise how scary pressing that Submit button can be when it’s your own content, so it definitely helps.

      When I realised that I was not only composing my comments in a proper editor, but also keeping an archive, I figured it might be time to do it properly.

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